ABS-GEF Project

“Strengthening Capacities for the Implementation of Nagoya Protocol in Nepal” also called ABS-GEF project is a project funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The Ministry of Forests and Environment (MoFE) is executing the project with technical support from IUCN Nepal. The objective of the project is to build the capacity of key stakeholders at national, sub-national and local levels to implement the ABS mechanism in Nepal.

The project supports Nepal’s contribution to meeting the two following Aichi Targets:

  • Aichi Target 16, which focuses on implementing the Nagoya Protocol. The project will support the process of finalizing and enacting national ABS legislation and preparing implementing regulations; and
  • Aichi Target 18, which calls for respecting traditional knowledge and integrating it into national efforts to implement the CBD and Nagoya Protocol with the full participation of indigenous and local communities.
The project mainly focuses on:
  1. Disseminating knowledge and the learning of pilot works to raise awareness of multiple stakeholders.
  2. Strengthening capacities of stakeholders to contribute at different levels on Nagoya Protocol.
  3. Ratification of the Nagoya Protocol and finalization of the ABS Act and Rules.
The project has three major components:
  1. Policy, Rules and Regulation;
  2. Capacity Needs and Training;
  3. Education, Public Awareness and Communication.