How to Search Database

Traditional knowledge stored in the digital database can be searched through entering keyword you wish in the provided search options. General search and advance search options are available to query traditional knowledge.

General search: This is an easy search option that helps to query in the database typing single key word in the search dialogue box and click search button, which appears below the search dialogue box. While using this search option user can query specific information selecting the toggle button 'Exactly' or widen the query through choosing 'Match any' button.

Advance search: This search option allows user to retrive very specific information deeper in the database through entering series of specific key words. For this option to use click 'Advance Search'. Three different boxes appear.

Select the fields you wish from the two fields at the left and enter key words in the right most dialogue box then click add to search. Your search will appear below. If you want to add more criteria in the search option repeat the previous step with choosing different fields and typing different key words according to your interest. Finally click 'View Results' button. The search options will appear as illustrated below.